Minology is a musical formation/production company consisting of Jonathan Espinosa and Tony Calvo. The basic concept of Minology was to create a contemporary fusion of Spanish flamenco and Electrónica. The writing process quickly became a twisted journey into sonic exploration & experimentation.

Continually testing and pushing each other’s boundaries, demos soon starting transforming into full blown productions, eventually leading to 29 world class musicians collaborating and recording in world class facilities across London.

Their sound can be described as highly visual, cinematic, evocative, and enchanting. Drenched in memorable catchy hooks, epic drops, sublime electronic layers, soaring riffs, haunting Spanish flamenco and Middle Eastern melodies, all glued together and presented beautifully in an organic format. A true benchmark in contemporary composition, sonics and sophisticated production.

Minology ‘Inner Sanctum’ is now available. A place where acoustic and electronic elements fuse together in perfect harmony.

– CD Digipack and Vinyl coming soon –

Experience a transcendental sonic journey through time.